You have five minutes to anger an entire fandom. How do you do it?

 I will take two minutes and enjoy the comments section after that because of the verbal battle I am going to ignite. There are very few fandom clubs that idolize someone to such an extent that they will overlook all the faults in a person and elevate them to the status of God. One such fandom is the community of blind fans of MS Dhoni and I will use this opportunity to poke at the MS Dhoni fan club. I don’t have a beef with Dhoni; I understand his prime form was gone almost a decade back but it is his blind fans that I cannot tolerate.

Anytime you tell something against Dhoni, they will come up with the ultimate defence - he has won ICC tournaments. Nobody will tell you the number of tournaments he lost. He has won the T20 World Cup in 2007, the ODI World Cup in 2011 and the Champions Trophy in 2013. This is all they fantasize about; the last one coming eight years back. Let us see the trophies he has lost as a captain - the 2009 Champions Trophy, 2009, 2010, 2012 and 2016 T20 World Cups. 2015 Cricket World Cup. Against his three trophies, which his fans claim that he won single-handedly, he should also be responsible for losing six tournaments, something that no other captain has done.

His fans will tell you about the wins that he have but won’t tell you that he has the record of the second-most number of losses in ODI, the most number of losses in T20. He also took down India’s test rankings from 2nd to 8th before quitting the captaincy midway through a

 tournament just to save himself from being the captain with the most overseas test series losses.

And now the latest fantasy has started that he will be mentoring the Indian side in the upcoming T20 World Cup while he himself lost four of them, in three of them India had to exit in Group Stage itself. Let us take a look at his legacy in T20 cricket that qualifies him to be a mentor.

He took one entire decade to score his first T20 fifty. He is considered to be the world’s best finisher and yet has a strike of only 126 in the shortest format of the game. in the T20 World Cups combined, his strike rate is a paltry 123. He has also never hit a single fifty in any of the T20 World Cup matches. He has played 98 T20 matches but has not won a single man of the Match award. Even when he scores runs, it proves to be detrimental for the team since 49% of his runs came in a losing cause and India has lost every time when 7 runs or more were required off the last over and Dhoni was at the crease. Not sure, how he got the tag of the best finisher when he cannot score 7 runs off the last over a single time. Even, while chasing, India has lost 8 out of 9 matches Dhoni crossed 25 runs, the reason being his epic slow knocks, putting pressure on the other batsmen and thereby, losing the match. I guess his test knocks of 9 runs from 27 balls, 11 from 23 balls and 29 runs off 37 balls has qualified him as the mentor this time.

My question is, if people can open a meme page on social media under the name of Dinda Academy of Bowling, they should also open a similar meme page naming it Dhoni Academy of Batting or even better, Dhoni Academy of Credit Stealing.

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