Why did Satish Mansindhe fail to avail the bail for Aryan Khan?


here are two reasons why I believe the bail was not granted, even though a top level lawyer was defending Aryan Khan in the NCB case.

Satish Mansindhe is an extremely successful lawyer having defended Bollywood actors like Salman Khan, Sanjay Dutt and Rhea Chakraborty. Naturally, his fees will be too high; he charges Rs 10 lakh per hearing. Therefore, as a lawyer, the more you can drag a case, the more number of hearings you get and the client will have to pay you more. As a result, you don't see court cases shutting easily. Even a simple open and shut case takes multiple hearings before a judgement can be passed. While if you drag a case unnecessarily for too long, it is reflected in a negative way for the lawyer which is why they try to find an equilibrium between the two.

So it is quite natural that Satish Mansindhe will not let the case get closed in a single hearing.

Another reason could be that if a case is closed in a single hearing, it raises doubt among the people on the judicial system. The general public is against Aryan Khan and therefore, if the court grants him bail easily, people will lose faith on the judiciary. In the first hearing, Satish has somehow proved that Aryan Khan was not under the possession of drugs and the bail will also be granted in the next hearing most probably.

In the meantime, this extra time allows the defence lawyer to tamper or destroy any proof that might go against them.

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