Why is Ranbir Kapoor labelled as a 'playboy but Deepika Padukone is labelled as a lady with a class? Both of them have a long list of ex-partners. Everyone who stays as a couple might not end up getting married. Many end up having differences within them, some are not compatible with each other and there are many other reasons why they might fall apart.

However, Ranbir Kapoor is portrayed as someone having multiple affairs and is labelled as a playboy who plays with women's feelings. A list of known relationships that Ranbir Kapoor was in:

  1. With Deepika Padukone.
  2. With Katrina Kaif.
  3. And now with Alia Bhatt.

But Deepika Padukone having a longer list of exes is not considered as a 'playgirl. She is instead called a brave girl who has come out of bad relationships. If one logic applies to a man, why can't it be implied on a woman?

A list of all the men that Deepika Padukone is known to have been in a relationship with:

  1. With Nihar Pandya.
  2. With Mahendra Singh Dhoni.
  3. With Yuvraj Singh.
  4. With Novak Djokovic.
  5. With Siddharth Mallya.
  6. With Ranbir Kapoor.
  7. And then married Ranveer Singh at last.

I think this is a big hypocrisy in India. I am not saying that Deepika is wrong. Nobody is wrong in my eyes. People often fall for the wrong person but it's important to come out of it when the relationship gets toxic.

However, if Ranbir is seen as someone who plays with women's hearts, the same should be applicable to Deepika who plays with men's hearts. She is in fact known to stay with men during their good times and once their fortunes turn for the worse, she has always left them and looked for favourable tides.

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