Which is the best country to live in?

 My vote would go to Norway. There are so many positive things about Norway that I really find the citizens of Norway to be the luckiest ones on this planet to have been born there. For starters,

 education is free of cost in Norway. Schools and public colleges in Norway do not charge tuition fees. That ensures money doesn’t come into the path of learning and everyone gets equal access to education. For a country to prosper, develop and progress ahead, education right from the basic level is very much essential and Norway seems to be on the right track of achieving the same. No wonder, the literacy rate in Norway is one of the highest in the world at greater than 99%.

Healthcare is very much affordable for citizens of Norway. Unlike other countries, where the middle class and the poor are afraid of getting admitted to a hospital because of the huge costs, public healthcare facilities in Norway is a lot different. Citizens till the age of 16 have access to free healthcare. Adults too have it relatively cheaper since the costs are heavily subsidised by the government through taxation.

These two factors go a long way in making Norway one of the best countries in the world in my opinion. One more thing that I like about Norway, being a nature lover and an avid traveller is the Northern Lights. To watch the Northern Lights is on my bucket list and I hope to have saved enough one day to visit Norway and experience the surreal phenomenon. That way, I feel that the citizens of Norway are lucky to witness such a beautiful phenomenon since they are so close to the North Pole and can easily observe this.

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