Which are the companies in Pune asking their employees to come back to office? What is its new working model?

 Some of the IT companies are now looking forward to calling back their employees to physical work locations. Wipro has already started to call back their employees, the first one among notable IT companies to do. They have started to call employed to their respective base locations including Pune. This policy started last Monday where 55% of their workforce have been called to the office to work two days a week for now.

TCS and Infosys are also planning to follow the same path. Since these companies are present across the country, whatever steps they will take will be applied to all the locations including their Pune offices. Both TCS and Infosys have decided to wait and watch the effect of the third wave of the pandemic in India after which they will decide whether to call back the employees at the end of this year or starting next year.

Apart from that, with permission from Pune Municipality, some of the smaller companies and low-scale startups have reopened their offices with a 10% workforce only. Most of them have made it mandatory to require the employees to have both doses of the Covid-19 to be able to report back to work physically.

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