What are some stunning examples of waste of money?

 My friend was celebrating his birthday in a club ( Bombay Adda, Linking Rd ), we had a lot of mutual friends and my home was just 5 mins away from this club. So, my friends who lived in the town side( Parel) decided to come over to my place, get ready at mine and then go for party.

We were 3 of us, we got ready and as we were leaving Prerna ( one of the friend) realised that she has left her lenses at her home and she came over wearing specs. And there was no way she was

We finally came up with a plan, booked a cab from Prerna’s house ( Parel) to the club , told her room mate to go hand over the lenses case to the cab driver. When the cab driver realised that he had to drive 1 hour with no passenger but just a lenses case, he was also shocked and said it’s the first time this is happening . Finally he reached the club and handed over the case and got paid ₹700 for delivery.

If I was there instead of Prerna, I would have never done something like this. Definitely money wasted just to look good for 3 hours in a club where lights were shut and no one could see each other properly !

 going clubbing wearing specs. I tried convincing her that specs also look good and no one actually cares if you are wearing lenses or specs. She just dint agree, we only had 2 options left, one was not to go to the party and the other was to go back to Parel and then come back, which would take approx 2 hours ( Saturday night + traffic )

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